Eye Care Software

Eye Care Software 20.07

Schedule regular breaks to avoid eye strain
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Test your eyesight and force yourself to take breaks from the PC screen at regular intervals. Set the time interval between breaks, the amount of time each break should last and the music that should be played in the downtime.

Test eyesight and health with Eye Care Software package.
It requires you to follow few steps to apply the settings to make the gram work. You need to select the time count for how long the break period would be that you want to have while you’re working on PC. Then make the selection of the selection of then time count by scrolling after which you want to have the break. When you are done with the settings you can ‘Hide’ the gram that makes it go to the system tray. While having a break you can feel more relaxed by assigning music of your choice with it. With the setting you can set the gram to run with Windows startup by marking ‘Auto Run’ option. You can also customize the break screen by modifying the related HTML codes. Have the preview and apply the changes that you have made.

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